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Information regarding Non-Attorney

Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP)

Who can help you complete court forms? arizona certified legal document preparer

Court rule permits individuals to complete legal documents on their own behalf. Attorneys in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona can assist you with court forms as well as provide you with important legal advice about your legal situation. Additionally, Arizona certified legal documents preparers (“AZCLDPs”) who have been certified by the Arizona Supreme Court are authorized to help you complete court forms. However, AZCLDPs cannot give you legal advice, recommend case strategies or legal remedies, engage in settlement negotiations, or represent you in Court. NOTE: Every certified legal document preparer is assigned a 5 digit certification number. A certified individual or business will be able to (and are required by the Code to, if asked) provide you with their assigned number and confirm their certification with a certificate issued from the Arizona Supreme Court Board of Legal Document Preparers.

What is the Legal Document Preparer Program?

The Board of Legal Document Preparers, appointed by the Arizona Supreme Court, certifies legal document preparers. AZCLDPs are certified individuals and/or businesses who prepare legal documents without the supervision of an attorney. AZCLDPs may provide general legal information but may not give you legal advice.

A Certified Legal Document Preparer CAN:

  • Prepare or provide legal documents without an attorney's supervision.
  • File and arrange for service of legal documents.
  • Bankruptcy prepared in Peoria
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Documents